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VI-SPDAT (Replaces H1K Vulnerability Index)

  • VI-SPDAT for Single Adults Updated Oct 2022
    VI-SPDAT for Single Adults – Use this version for each adult aged 25 or older with no children under age 18 in the household.
  • VI-SPDAT for Families with Children Updated Oct 2022
    VI-SPDAT for Families (VI-F-SPDAT) – Use this version for households with at least one child under the age of 18.  Please use only one assessment per household and answer the questions for all members in the household.
  • VI-SPDAT for TAY Updated Oct 2022
    TAY VI-SPDAT (VI-Y-SPDAT) – Use this version for transition age youth (age 18-24)
  • SCC JD VI-SPDAT for Justice Discharges Updated March 2022
    JD-VI-SPDAT – Use this version for clients that are currently in custody but exiting jail or prison to homelessness



Program-Specific Forms

HUD Continuum of Care Program (CoC) Updated 3.2024