Technical Administrator (TA)/Agency Lead

What is a Partner Technical Administrator (TA)/Agency Lead?

Each agency that participates in our local HMIS is responsible for designating at least one Technical Administrator, more commonly known as an Agency Lead. The Agency Lead acts as the liaison between their agency and HMIS team, which includes the Bitfocus Help Desk, System Administration Team and relevant CoC Staff. All Agency Leads are required to view the SCC Clarity HMIS Partner Technical Administrator/Agency Lead Training. The Agency Lead should attend all Agency Lead meetings and depending on the agency, the Agency Lead may take on additional responsibilities. Find out what these are by scrolling through the resources found on this page. 

Steps to become a Partner Technical Administration/Agency Lead:
  • Ensure your agency MOU is up to date. If you're a new agency, please complete the MOU before requesting Agency Lead status
  • Complete all the required training for HMIS access
  • Complete the HMIS Partner Technical Administrator (TA)/Agency Lead Training
  • Complete the TA/Agency Lead form
  • Email the SCC Community Admin team here with the forms and cc' your current Agency Lead. Please let the Admin team know if you are also requesting an updated HMIS access role, would like to be added to the monthly Agency Admin meeting invite
  • If you wish to designate a new TA/Agency Lead for your agency, please be sure they complete the above steps and have the current TA/Agency Lead send an email requesting the change and new lead designation

Resources for Technical Administrator(TA)/Agency Lead

What Are Technical Administrator (TA)/Agency Administrator Meetings?

These meetings discuss the Agency Administrator reports and data collection requirements in HMIS. Additionally, updates regarding changes and/or upcoming changes to HMIS are explored in an effort to ascertain impacts on programs and/or end users. Furthermore breakout sessions allow for exploration of the understanding of ongoing data updates, and/or challenges being experienced by end users.
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Technical Administrator (TA)/Agency Lead Responsibilities

Access Roles Defined

There are three (3) Access Roles that users can be granted. Either Access Role needs to be approved by the HMIS Agency Amin. These are as indicated.
Agency Staff Basic access needed to complete general data entry tasks in HMIS
Agency Staff (VI-SPDAT Training Pending) Basic access needed to complete general data entry tasks with view only access to assessments such as the  the VI-SPDAT, until training is completed. 
Agency Staff w/ Data Analysis Allows access to the Data Analysis and Explore tabs in Clarity (all other settings are the same as Agency Staff)
Users should watch the Data Analysis training video prior to getting access: Data Analysis Training
Agency Manager

Allows access to the Data Analysis and Explore tabs in Clarity
Allows for deletion rights for certain agency information
Users should watch the Data Analysis training if they are planning to use the Data Analysis/Explore tabs: Data Analysis Training

New User Account Set-Up

User must complete all required trainings
  • Click here for training registration
  • Please note users who administer the VI-SPDAT as part of the workflow at their agency will need to complete the VI-SPDAT training before being granted access to the Assessments. In the interim End Users will receive the Agency Staff (VI-SPDAT Training Pending) Access Role. 
Agency Admin. must contact the Helpdesk to request HMIS account set-up by emailing the request to
  • Agency Admin must ensure all trainings have been completed prior to requesting access
Bitfocus staff will verify user has completed trainings, provide access and next steps for the end user
  • Upon logging in end user will be required to sign the Electronic End User agreement
Please note users who do not log into HMIS within 60 days will have their access disabled and will need to contact the Helpdesk for reinstatement of account

User Deactivation

Please notify the Help Desk within 48 Hours when an End User is no longer at your agency.
  • Please contact the Helpdesk at within 48 hours of end user leaving your agency and/or not requiring HMIS access
  • State the reason for requesting the deactivation