Santa Clara County's secure HMIS Portal connected to Clarity Human Services

What is MyConnectSV?
MyConnectSV is the secure HMIS Portal connected to Clarity Human Services in Santa Clara County. MyConnectSV introduces new and exciting client-centered tools designed to support clients in the case management and housing navigation process by increasing access to services and improving communication methods between clients and their care team members. Connect with your clients with direct messaging, location updates, document uploads, updated ROIs, and more!
How can I start using MyConnectSV with my clients?
(1) Staff must already have access to Clarity HMIS (2) Staff must complete required on-demand training with 100% quiz score (3) After completing the MyConnectSV provider training and confirming with Bitfocus HelpDesk, your access role will be updated, and you can begin sending invitations and utilizing the features with your clients immediately!
Where can I direct my clients for more resources to help them use MyConnectSV?
Clients should be directed to for resources to help them use MyConnectSV