New User Training

Required Trainings for All HMIS Users

Access to Clarity Human Services (access to HMIS) requires the completion of the three online training sessions listed below. These are pre-recorded trainings that can be completed at any time. Please complete them in the order listed. Users will receive login credentials after successful completion of these trainings and quizzes.  You will find an illustrated guide on how to register for and complete these training sessions here.

If you have questions, please connect with your agency or department HMIS Agency Lead or email the HMIS Help Desk at

  1. Clarity General Training 
  2. SCC HMIS Client Consent Training*
  3. SCC Coordinated Entry System Introduction

* This training must be completed annually. Users will receive email reminders when it’s time to retake this training.


Other Trainings

The VI-SPDAT is an assessment administered to homeless individuals and families to determine risk and prioritization for housing resources. If you will be administering the VI-SPDAT assessment to clients OR conducting VI-SPDAT data entry, you will be required to complete the live (virtual) SCC VI-SPDAT Training held monthly by the Office of Supportive Housing. Your manager or supervisor can advise you if you are not sure whether you need to complete this training. Note that completion of this training is required before you can gain access to the VI-SPDAT in the HMIS.

Your manager or supervisor can advise you if you are not sure whether you will be participating in the UPLIFT transit pass program. Users must complete the recorded training here to utilize this program in the HMIS. Be sure to complete the certification of completion when you’ve completed the video training and reviewed the UPLIFT FAQs and other training resources on this page. Contact the HMIS Help Desk at if you have questions.


User Account Management

Modification Requests: If your position or tasks have changed and you require access to other HMIS features, connect with your HMIS Agency Lead. Your Agency Lead must approve changes to your HMIS access and contact the Help Desk at to make the appropriate changes to your HMIS account.


  • Your username is not your email address! If you are not sure what your username is, email the HMIS Community Administrator team at
  • Note that if you have not logged in to your Clarity HMIS in 90 or more days, your account will be made inactive. Connect with your HMIS Agency Lead, who can approve reactivation of your account by contacting the Bitfocus help desk.
  • If you have not logged in to your HMIS account for more than one year, you will need to complete the Clarity Human Services General Training again and connect with your HMIS Agency Lead for next steps.
  • Users with reactivated accounts must log in before midnight on the day of reactivation. After midnight, the account will revert to deactivated status.


Clarity Human Services FAQ Training

We're excited to offer this FAQ course! Our sole intent in offering this course is to get your answers quickly, efficiently, and in a way that is easy to learn. Here we answer questions that would typically result in a ticket through our Help Desk. We find that offering these resources ad hoc gives our users the ability to find answers quickly.


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